Only Time Will Tell

Even disco dollies have to grow up eventually, but usually they don’t do it as well as Sandee. In her younger days, she cooed lascivious Latin bubble gum for the Miami trio Expose, most notably on the orgasmic top-five 1987 hit, ”Point of No Return.” Exposé eventually turned toward less outlandish R&B fare, but Sandee, now on her own, hasn’t forgotten about spunky hooks. On Only Time Will Tell, her solo debut, she intersperses deadpan slow-talk sections with ethereal squeaks and falsettos, suggestive breathiness, and bombastic belting. The production also deals out a thrill a minute, roping in everything from Caribbean counterrhythms to boogie-woogie piano and symphonic strings, not to mention bravely eccentric touches like monkish medieval voices and Algerian rai. This adult dance music doesn’t just have ”soul” — it’s got beauty, wit, and enough outrageous energy to rock the house. A

Only Time Will Tell
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