With red hair, an olive complexion, and full, orange-lacquered lips, Rita Hayworth makes a gorgeous Technicolor object of worship as the Greek goddess Terpsichore in this mediocre musical. Unavailable on tape, Down to Earth is billed on the jacket of Pioneer’s ”Special Edition” disc as ”the sequel to Here Comes Mr. Jordan,” but only a few secondary players, including Edward Everett Horton as a fussy angelic messenger, reappear from the first film.

Things begin brightly when Hayworth descends from heaven determined to set straight a Broadway impresario (Larry Parks) who plans to portray Terpsichore and her sister muses as ”trollops” in a show. But after a lot of forgettable songs and flat wisecracks, the conceit sinks. Only Hayworth’s rainbow-palette close-ups, rendered with striking fidelity by the laser format, keep Down to Earth from turning completely colorless. C+

Down to Earth
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