Born and Raised in Black and White

Mark Collie’s sophomore effort, Born and Raised in Black and White, isn’t quite as all-out disarming as his debut, last year’s Hardin County Line, but it still has plenty to recommend it. As before, Collie’s long suit is his seductive wedding of rockabilly and ’50s-style honky-tonk shuffle, evidenced here by ”She’s Never Comin’ Back,” a song of marital dissolution as winning for its wit as for its rollicking drive. With his thick West Tennessee drawl and chicken-pickin’ guitar backup from the great James Burton, Collie also shines on such songs as the title tune, a dramatic tale of two brothers who chose different paths in life, and the whimsical ”Lucky Dog.” Collie may stumble on the Roy Orbison-like ”There Goes My Dream” and elsewhere settle for a little average filler, but he still has the kind of restless energy that can shake up a storm. B+

Born and Raised in Black and White
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