Vanilla Ice: Ninja Rap Video Single

Hold those piggy banks. Even the biggest Vanilla Ice fans might balk at parting with their allowance dollars for this knockoff ”video single,” a new format brought to us by Madonna after MTV couldn’t justify her love. Clocking in at a little over six minutes (which the cassette box won’t tell you), Vanilla Ice: Ninja Rap Video Single includes the video for ”Ninja Rap” (from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II) and a brief interview with the Iceman. The video is a tired dance routine set to a tired song with a tired rap mouthed with tirelessly sloppy lip-synching. And the ”interview” has a grinning, distracted Vanilla Ice dropping gems like ”they told me to keep it clean for the kids, you know, but that’s me anyway” and halfheartedly promoting the movie, which is, after all, the only point of this thing. F

Vanilla Ice: Ninja Rap Video Single
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