Star's shade-y style -- Robert Downey Jr., Geena Davis, and others sport sunglasses in this summer's blockbusters

Summer movies are all long on spectacle. This summer’s movies are also long on specs. As the hot-shot young producer in Soapdish, Robert Downey Jr. alone dons a facial wardrobe of no less than a half-dozen eyeglasses, and not since Tom Cruise saved Ray-Ban’s dying Wayfarer brand in 1983’s Risky Business have movie fans been so gaga over goggles. Ray-Ban, which pays to have its glasses featured in about 160 movies a year, reports that stores have run out of its $84 Dekko line, the shades Geena Davis sports for her Thelma & Louise road trip. Susan Sarandon’s Cornu frames, an updated cat’s-eye style from L.A. Eyeworks, are hot with wholesalers, says Ruth Handel, the maker’s promotions director, who notes that the Persol wraparounds Arnold Schwarzenegger wears in Terminator 2 are also selling briskly. So are the already popular $430 Matsuda sunglasses worn by costar Linda Hamilton. Ray-Ban spokesman Norman Salik expects a squadron of the firm’s aviators on the streets when Charlie Sheen puts them on for Hot Shots, a Top Gun parody coming July 31 (Gun made the style trendy in ’86). ”It’s hard to tell, though,” Salik says. ”I had high hopes for red Wayfarers when they were in a Mark Harmon movie called Summer School, and boy, was that a bomb.”

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