Laura (Julia Roberts) is a caged bird in a magnificently antiseptic glass house, her keeper an unspeakably monstrous husband. She escapes to a new life of true love ‘n’ happiness, but not before hubby (Patrick Bergin) jumps out from under the bed a few times. Sleeping with the Enemy is not a terrible story; it’s just a terribly simple one, with all the subtlety and elegance of those thick-lined coloring books for the crayon-impaired.

There’s just one reason to rent this flick: that face. In fact, with one finger on the freeze-frame control, you can watch this movie in its purest form, as still close-ups of superface Julia Roberts. They show the full range of her appeal — vulnerable waif, translucent goddess, blank screen for the projections of others’ desires. She may well have something of her own to project. But it’ll take a better movie than this one for her to do so. D

Sleeping with the Enemy
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