Plenty of music-video laserdiscs take advantage of laser players’ ”chapter search” feature, which lets you skip rapidly to favorite songs or reorder them the way you’d program tracks on a CD. But the ”chapter stops” encoded in laserdiscs of movies have always been problematic: They typically mark only beginnings of key sequences, rather than dividing them into self-contained, easily shuffleable snippets.

Not so in the new disc edition of That’s Entertainment, which catalogs the film’s collection of peerless MGM-musical production numbers into a whopping 98 chapters. They’re fully annotated, enabling you to find exactly the segments you want and sample or remix them to taste.

The same programming flexibility is built into a 70-chapter, two-disc version of Singin’ in the Rain, MGM’s musical spoof of late-’20s Hollywood. The transfer has sensational color, and the package even includes a charming Debbie Reynolds number cut before the film’s release. There’s also a single-disc CLV edition, which doesn’t allow freeze frames or slow motion on less expensive laser players. Unfortunately, many of its chapter stops are misencoded, landing you in the midst of songs and lines. By the end of side 2, the chapter listings on the disc jacket have fallen as hopelessly out of synch as the early talkies parodied in the movie. A+

Singin' in the Rain (Movie - 1952)
  • Movie
  • 103 minutes