John Hughes is so deliberate about reshuffling his past hits that a new film written and produced by him often resembles a sidewalk game of three-card monte: The cards remain the same — all that differs is the arrangement (and the dealer’s trickery). In Dutch, a cross between Uncle Buck and Planes, Trains & Automobiles, Dutch Dooley (Ed O’Neill), a slobby, warmhearted, junk-food- eating galoot, takes a cross-country trek with his wealthy girlfriend’s adolescent son (Ethan Randall). The kid is a toxic snob, but Dutch practices a little tough love on him, and by the time they arrive in Chicago for Thanksgiving — is there a Hughes film that doesn’t end in Chicago at Thanksgiving? — the two have shared enough disastrous mishaps to bond. Hughes has always bragged about his ability to toss off a script in a weekend. When you see a movie like Dutch, the surprise isn’t that he can do it, but that he’s actually proud of the fact. D+

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