Dangerhouse Vol. 1

All but ignored by major record companies, the crabgrass known as ’70s punk-rock was nurtured by a network of underground record companies. Los Angeles’ Dangerhouse label played a leading role in the development of California’s solipsistic punk style, discovering X, the literate quartet that went on to international success, as well as other local legends. Not for nothing does this nicely annotated retrospective Dangerhouse Vol. 1 — highly collectible singles by such West Coast aggressors as the Weirdos, Bags, Dils, Avengers, and Alley Cats — begin with the Randoms’ sneery ”Let’s Get Rid of NY” and end with X’s galvanizing ”Los Angeles.” Although it’s hard to hear the contemporary relevance of these crude, dated tracks, their raw excitement clearly conveys the thrill and adventure of young radicals standing down musical authority. B

Dangerhouse Vol. 1
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