Brotherhood of Justice

It’s not hard to figure out why Brotherhood of Justice, a five-year-old TV movie, has suddenly made it to home video. An early showcase for then unknowns Keanu Reeves and Kiefer Sutherland, it can now be marketed on the strength of its star appeal. Underneath the hype, however, this is still a TV movie — one that takes a dubious inspiration and does very little with it.

Reeves stars as a suburban high school senior who leads some clean-cut classmates on a vigilante crusade against drug dealers and other punks. Operating anonymously, they mete out merciless punishments, becoming heroes to their peers and a headache to police. Inevitably, things get out of control, and innocent people (among them Sutherland) start winding up on ”the hit list.” The moral: Vigilantism is wrong! Yet the story moves so predictably toward that revelation that nothing exciting ever takes place. Once the novelty of looking back on humble beginnings wears off, feel free to hit rewind. C-

Brotherhood of Justice
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