The Traveling Wilbury shuffle -- Members of the superstar band show up on each others solo albums

It’s not just Jeff Lynne producing Tom Petty: The Traveling Wilburys can’t leave each other alone. Here’s a scorecard detailing who’s done what with whom:

Apart from Lynne’s work as producer, Tom Petty’s Full Moon Fever (1989) featured appearances by George Harrison and Roy Orbison.

Lynne and George Harrison coproduced Harrison’s Cloud Nine (1987); Lynne also sings backup and plays bass, keyboards, and guitar.

Harrison plays slide guitar on Bob Dylan’s Under The Red Sky (1990). Dylan plays on no other Wilbury’s record, and none was invited for his previous effort, Oh Mercy. But that’s groovy, since Dylan dominates the Wilburys’ laff-a-minute second album, jokingly titled Vol. 3 (1990).

Jeff Lynne’s own Armchair Theatre (1990) featured Harrison on slide guitar and backing vocals.

Roy Orbison’s Mystery Girl (1989) included three Lynne-produced tracks; both Petty and Harrison contributed backup vocals and played acoustic guitar.

As if all that isn’t enough, both Petty and Lynne will show up on Rock On!, the upcoming final album by Del Shannon, pegged by many as a possible Orbison replacement in the Wilburys until his own death last year. Had he joined, the Wilbury circle would have been complete. Lynne produced a live Shannon album in 1973, and Petty produced Shannon’s Drop Down and Get Me in 1981. Further proving it’s all in the family, Rock On! will be issued here on Gone Gator Records, Petty’s brand-new label.