By Gina Arnold
Updated July 19, 1991 at 04:00 AM EDT

I have the perfect strategy for making Phoenix’s Meat Puppets into the superstars they deserve to be. First, release Forbidden Places‘ ”Nail It Down” to classic-rock radio stations, only slip it between the covers of the latest by ZZ Top so that hidebound deejays who think they hate new music play it by accident. Then release ”That’s How It Goes” to country stations, disguising it inside the jacket of something by Garth Brooks. Meanwhile, flood magazines like Sassy, Seventeen, and Elle with snapshots of the band’s three gorgeous members. Believe me, neither the radio stations nor the magazines will get any complaints from their customers, and — bingo! — the band’ll be bigger than the Beatles. Which will only be right and fair, because how many other rock bands combine accomplished guitar-boogie frenzy with melodious songwriting and those all-important pinup-boy good looks? A+