The Triplets: Video Triple Single

The Villegas sisters don’t have the pop lineage of acts like Wilson Phillips and Nelson, but they’ve got both beat by virtue of the fact that they’re not just related (like sisters Wendy and Carnie Wilson of the former) but are, in fact, bona fide triplets. This slight package, cashing in on the chart success of their song ”Sunrise,” contains videos for that song and ”You Don’t Have to Go Home Tonight.” The women harmonize in Spanish briefly during an interview segment on The Triplets: Video Triple Single, but that’s dubious grounds for terming this a ”triple” single. ”Sunrise” sounds like streamlined ’90s ABBA without the Swedish accents. And while Diana, Vicky, and Sylvia claim that their heritage influences their music, the two songs here are about as Mexican-inflected as a BBC newscast. Both boast the radio-friendly, big-pop-with-harmonies sound of the aforementioned blood-tied acts; in fact, if it weren’t for the female voices, one could easily mistake ”You Don’t Have to Go Home Tonight” for a Nelson brothers tune. C-

The Triplets: Video Triple Single
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