Surprise (Music - Crystal Waters)

”La-da-dee/la-dee-da.” You just can’t escape this summer’s runaway hit song, the jazz-house hybrid ”Gypsy Woman” by Crystal Waters. She hums in an airy, scat-like fashion about a woman ”who’s just like you and me but she’s homeless…and she stands there singing for money.” True to her name, Waters’ manner is refreshingly pure and everyday. Unlike other dance music best-sellers, this debut album Surprise captures something private and unaffected, focusing on street-life dramas, with a strangely muted tone. Waters doesn’t wail like a dance-floor diva; at times, her subdued vocals even go off-key. But that’s her magic. While the club beat pumps up to a frenetic pace, her repetitive phrasing resounds with bittersweet emotion à la Billie Holiday. Waters celebrates the fighting spirit of the downtrodden by filling her music with exuberance and soul. There isn’t one song on Surprise that disappoints. A

Surprise (Music - Crystal Waters)
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