Pop Life

Bananarama aren’t overpowering, either as divas or groovologists, but you can always count on them for a couple of perky singles. Their new album, Pop Life, however, is not the Bananarama people think they know. The album, while energetic, is far moodier than anything they’ve ever done. The Gipsy Kings, those techno-flamenco gods, help engineer the Doobie Brothers’ ”Long Train Running” into a scary locomotive blues. Other tracks venture deep into the dark tunnel of dreamland: Pulses from an alternate universe underline fizzy computerized harmonies; sleepy voices trying hard to wake up ask ”What color are the skies where you live?” ”Megalomaniac” is a wild bopper about running away, not from something, just running. Two other songs even have heavy psychedelic guitars. We usually visit Bananaramaland to escape our problems, but this album takes us to an eerier place than we’d ever expect. A

Pop Life
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