Pleasures of the Good Earth

Artist and home cook Edward Giobbi first displayed the pleasures of his Katonah, N.Y., kitchen 20 years ago in a book titled Italian Family Cooking. Now Giobbi’s further distillation of that same Italian heritage is being issued in Knopf’s series on American cooking. This time with Pleasures of the Good Earth Giobbi goes beyond the kitchen to expound on the satisfactions of living in partnership with the earth. Like his forebears, Giobbi grows his own vegetables and forages for wild greens and mushrooms. Dissatisfied with industrialized food products, he raises his own chickens and cans his own tuna and tomatoes. His example makes this way of life seem enviable, but even if you buy all your groceries and only fantasize about living off the land, you’ll find reward enough and fresh ideas to spare in his new, uncomplicated recipes for real food. A-

Pleasures of the Good Earth
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