Movies, a woman's world -- Sigourney Weaver, Madonna, and Melanie Griffith take on tough guy roles

The movies have always been a man’s world: Actors get to play cop, cowboy, soldier, spy; actresses get to play…the love interest. In recent years, however, the roles have been changing. Women are playing parts traditionally given to men, and the results have been characters with power and box office hits: Jodie Foster as a keen FBI agent in The Silence of the Lambs; Anne Parillaud as a gun-toting government assassin in La Femme Nikita. Now, a pumped-up Linda Hamilton defends her little boy against a killer cyborg in Terminator 2: Judgment Day — but that’s just the beginning. Coming soon are many more high-profile women who have been hired to do ”a man’s job.” They are, in order of arrival:

· V.I. Warshawski Kathleen Turner is the title character (they call her Vic), a tough but sexy Chicago private eye on a murder case.
· Alien 3 Strapping on the heavy artillery, Sigourney Weaver renews her epic battle with the mother of all alien life forms.
· Shining Through Melanie Griffith stars as a secretary-turned-spy operating undercover in Nazi Germany. Based on the Susan Isaacs best-seller.
· Rush Jennifer Jason Leigh plays a good cop who turns bad in this adaptation of the Kim Wozencraft novel.
· She Hulk By day she’s a successful attorney, by night she’s a superheroine — Brigitte Nielsen goes green as the Incredible Hulk’s female counterpart.
· A League of Their Own Penny Marshall is directing this comedy about an all-woman baseball team in the 1940s. Geena Davis and Madonna are set to star.
· Leda and Swan It’s still in the deal-making stages, but word is that Madonna and Demi Moore are talking about teaming up for this female-buddy cop picture.

A League of Their Own
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