Mirror, Mirror comes in a cassette box emblazoned with a horrific holograph — it’ll practically jump out at you from the video shelf. Fortunately, the movie inside has flashes of the same imagination. A tale of black magic and teen revenge, it conjures up enough new ways to die to remain a cut above average.

The cast includes such scene stealers as Karen Black and Yvonne De Carlo, but this movie belongs to Rainbow Harvest. She plays Megan, a new girl in school whose brooding beauty and black-on-black wardrobe make her an outsider among her cliquish classmates. She gets even with the help of an antique mirror inhabited by a demon. Before she realizes what she’s unleashed, people are getting steam-cooked in showers and chewed up by garbage disposals. Teen revenge has been more heartfelt (Carrie) and more clever (Heathers), but rarely has it been more malevolent. B-

Mirror, Mirror
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