Look Who's Talking Too

Watching the video of Look Who’s Talking Too, the snubbed-in-the-theaters sequel to 1989’s megahit, a question comes immediately to mind: How come the public stayed away in droves, given that everything people loved from the original — the stars, writer-director Amy Heckerling, Bruce Willis’ baby-Mikey voice, the kid’s-eye-perspective jokes — is recycled here? The definitive answer may be unknowable, though a slightly higher cuteness quotient and a lack of novelty in this go-round probably didn’t help. Yet there are laughs to be had here, the cast is mostly appealing, and any film featuring a voice-over by Mel Brooks as (literally) a Toilet Bowl From Hell can’t be all bad. You won’t remember Look Who’s Talking Too five minutes after the closing credits, but you probably won’t hate yourself while you’re watching it either. C

Look Who's Talking Too
  • Movie
  • 81 minutes