Attack of the Killer B's

Anthrax is a quintet of politically conscientious but still unapologetically fast and noisy thrash rockers from New York; while heavy of riff and gloomy of outlook, the band has earned a lot of respect over the years for being receptive to punk and rap and steering their lyrics and imagery away from the minefields of sexism and nihilism. This long-awaited novelty collection — live tracks, B sides, and fun — is vastly amusing. If you’re not into thrash, you won’t like the live stuff on Attack of the Killer B’s, but stay tuned: There’s also a goofy, new, pop-sounding version of the band’s bruising 1987 thrash-rap single, ”I’m the Man”; a headlong, guitar-laden reworking of Public Enemy’s rap classic ”Bring the Noise”; and a searing run at a 1963 surf instrumental, ”Pipeline,” originally recorded by The Chantays. There are also two new comedic gems, ”N.F.B,” a pungent parody of heavy-metal balladry (”I never meant to hurt you/Or sleep with all your friends”), and ”Startin’ Up a Posse,” an unapologetically (and unprintably) direct bazooka blast at Tipper Gore and the P.M.R.C. Go get her, boys! B

Attack of the Killer B's
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