A look at the 17 lines the ''Terminator'' had to memorize for the first flick


The Terminator in the first film spoke only 17 lines (he has several times more dialogue in the sequel). But those were the lines, delivered in a singularly Schwarzeneggerian deadpan, that made Arnold a movie icon. ”Somehow, even his accent worked,” Cameron now says. ”It had a strange synthesized quality, like they hadn’t gotten the voice thing quite worked out.” Here is every line, from start to finish, of Arnold’s robotic dialogue from the 1984 original, not including two overdubbed scenes in which he mimicks the voices of others.

To three punks he approaches after arriving unclothed from the future:
1) Nice night for a walk.
2) Nothing clean, right.
3) Your clothes, give them to me now.

To a gun salesman:
4) The 12-gauge autoloader.
5) The .45 long-slide with laser sighting.
6) Phased plasma rifle in 40-watt range.
7) The Uzi nine-millimeter.
8) All.
9) Wrong.

To a woman he’s about to kill:
10) Sarah Connor?

To a cop at a police station:
11) I’m a friend of Sarah Connor.
12) I was told that she’s here.
13) Could I see her, please?
14) Where is she?
15) I’ll be back.

To a boardinghouse janitor:
16) F — – you, asshole.

To a trucker whose rig he hijacks:
17) Get out.
Donald Chase, Kate Meyers