Pure Hank

Ooo-wee! Hank Jr. sets a new standard in bad taste on his new album, Pure Hank. But, surprisingly, he doesn’t do it with his music. It’s the racy pinup of his wife in the accompanying CD booklet that wins the booby prize: a bra-and-garters pose in which the new Mrs. Williams spills out of her underwear. Unfortunately, none of her husband’s tunes are anything to get lathered up about. Aside from a rocking, bluesy version of Waylon Jennings’ ”Just to Satisfy You” and ”Be Careful Who You Love (Arthur’s Song)” — Harlan Howard’s touching salute to songwriter Arthur Q. Smith, who sold the copyrights to hit tunes for $25 or a bottle of booze — the material here is mostly of the party-till-you-puke variety, and ordinary at that. Rowdy is one thing, Hank. Rank is quite another.

Pure Hank
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