News on Hollywood's upcoming films and projects -- Check out news on Val Kilmer, Wesley Snipes, and Hollywood couples that act together

In Hollywood, failed marriages seem almost as common as unproduced movie scripts. But a glance at a few upcoming productions suggests that at least two Hollywood couples are actually using the movie business to stay together.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman avoided conflicting shooting schedules by signing to costar in Ron Howard’s new project, Far and Away, a romantic adventure about two very different Irish immigrants in the New World. The film is currently shooting in Montana before moving on to Ireland.

Likewise, Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith will make their feature-film debut as a couple in Paradise, the Americanized adaptation of the 1987 French film Le Grand Chemin.

Other happenings: Following his acclaimed performance in The Doors, Val Kilmer will join Academy Award nominee Graham Greene in Thunderheart, the story of a violent confrontation between the FBI and Native Americans on a South Dakota reservation.

And Bull Durham writer-director Ron Shelton will try his hand at another American sporting tradition with White Men Can’t Jump, a comedy-drama about basketball hustlers on L.A.’s toughest playground courts. Jungle Fever‘s Wesley Snipes and Cheers‘ Woody Harrelson lace up as the lead con artists.

Far and Away
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