By Bill Wyman
June 21, 1991 at 04:00 AM EDT

Jungle Fever: Music from the Movie


Stevie Wonder’s long-awaited new record is the soundtrack to Spike Lee’s brand-new movie, Jungle Fever. Lee reportedly sat through the movie with Wonder, describing the scenes as the film went along. Sad to say, little of Lee’s energy or attitude seems to have rubbed off. If you like the piping wail of Wonder’s distinctive harmonica playing, you’ll love the leadoff ”Fun Day,” and just about anyone will be caught by the jittery hook of ”Chemical Love.” But the album has too few first-class melodies, and Wonder’s lyrics are far too literal (”I’ve got jungle fever/You’ve got jungle fever/We’ve got jungle fever”). Besides, Wonder’s style of lush, middle-of-the-road arranging sounds more and more dated as the years go by. Jungle Fever just isn’t the comeback we’ve been waiting for. C

Jungle Fever: Music from the Movie

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