Move On: Adventures in the Real World

In Move On: Adventures in the Real World, the follow-up to her acerbic 1986 memoir, And So It Goes: Adventures in Television, journalist Linda Ellerbee wants to tell us not what she does but who she is. She shouldn’t have. Move On is a rambling, free-form account of her life as ”a woman of my time” and proof that two autobiographies are usually one too many. Ellerbee’s whimsical musings on marriage, divorce, boyfriends, and girlhood roll along without gathering much momentum, and many of the observations in the book are fatuous (”To me, being a feminist means being equal”) or worse (”Being in love is being in the mood for believing in miracles”). Ellerbee is too good a writer not to include some pungent one- liners, but they’re rare roadside attractions on an aimless trip.

Move On: Adventures in the Real World
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