The Killer's Edge

Wings Hauser needs a high-caliber film to propel him out of the action-adventure pit. Unfortunately, The Killer’s Edge isn’t it. In a role he’s already performed in a dozen incarnations, Hauser plays a Los Angeles cop barely grazing the right side of the law. Known for his ”carefree shoot-outs,” detective Jack Saxon is assigned to hunt down both a ring of international counterfeiters and the thugs who broke into their warehouse. Despite Hauser’s strong screen presence, the film is unexciting and predictable. There’s no suspense — just lots of dead bodies, flashbacks to Vietnam, and women as scenery. Karen Black is embarrassingly miscast as the FBI agent in charge of the investigation. According to the copy on the cassette box, this is a film about ”counterfitting” (sic). No matter how you spell it, this movie is b-a-d.

The Killer's Edge
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