Heavy metal PSA -- An ad reaches out to head bangers in order to prevent them from drinking and driving

As the two oddly robotic fans put it, summing up the heavy-metal action at an Iron Maiden concert, ”This headbanging is more fun than going through a windshield.” They should know: They’re Vince and Larry, the crash-test dummies featured in the new public-service spots urging seat-belt safety. Cosponsored by the Department of Transportation and the Advertising Council, the commercials are aimed at males 15 to 35, the group least likely to use seat belts — and most likely to be Iron Maiden fans. That’s precisely why the band participated in the ad, and why Bruce Dickinson appears in the spot as both lead singer and spokesman. ”It’s something I feel very strongly about, the same way I feel strongly about drinking and driving,” Dickinson says. ”We’re being responsible. I don’t want people who buy Iron Maiden records to think we’re in the same category as garbage like Guns N’ Roses. We’re not trying to go around being like people’s granddads — all we’re trying to say is, it’s not cool to kill yourself.”