The Fifth Monkey

If you’re looking to rent a travelogue showcasing the tropical beauty of Brazil, go no further than The Fifth Monkey. But if you like a little plot with your landscape, consider taking home a National Geographic tape instead. It will probably have more narrative cohesion than this contrived cinematic journey from forest to city. Ben Kingsley (Gandhi) tries in vain to enliven his lackluster role as a naive peasant who makes his living capturing wild animals until a family of winsome chimps persuades him that it’s a politically incorrect career choice. If that sounds a mite feeble, it is. (Some interest might have been generated by pointing out that chimps are not native to the continent. Strangely, however, no one seems to notice.) This is a movie that wants to be Chimpanzees in the Mist, but it’s really just dead in the water. C-

The Fifth Monkey
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