Burke leaves ''Designing Women'' -- The Designing woman says goodbye to the show and her contract

Maybe they should call it Redesigning Women. Jan Hooks of Saturday Night Live will join the cast of the CBS hit next fall, while Jean Smart has decided to ease herself out. But the loudest clamor is over 1990 Emmy nominee Delta Burke, who is being dropped after a long feud with the producers. According to her contract, here’s what she’ll be missing:
· $1.5 million for the 1991-92 season, plus a bonus based on the price Designing Women commands in syndication.
· 5 percent of profits from merchandise based on her character, Suzanne Sugarbaker.
· A private dressing room ”equal to the best provided any other female lead” on the show, complete with full-length mirror, refrigerator, and telephone (for which Burke paid the bills).
· ”One (1) parking space as close to the set as possible.”
· The right to veto 50 percent of all publicity photographs.
· The chance to purchase her costumes at 50 percent of cost.
· Consultation on the show’s hairstyling and makeup personnel.
· First-class transportation and accommodations plus a ”reasonable” per diem for publicity appearances.
But Burke shouldn’t be too upset: Her five-year run made her at least $4 million richer.

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