Ten black-themed features from Hollywood's fresh crop -- ''Juice,'' ''Straight Out of Brooklyn,'' and others are coming out soon

By Chris Vaughn
Updated June 14, 1991 at 04:00 AM EDT

Straight Out of Brooklyn
Director: Matty Rich
Release date: NYC and L.A.: May 22 (other areas: mid-to late June)
Story: 19-year-old Rich’s intense drama of teen life in Brooklyn’s notorious Red Hook housing project.

Hangin’ With the Homeboys
Director: Joseph B. Vasquez
Release date: NYC: May 24 (other areas: June)
Story: Four black and Latino buddies hang out during an all-night escapade that runs from the Bronx to Times Square.

Jungle Fever
Director: Spike Lee
Release date: June 7
Story: Lee’s dramatic dissection of the love affair between a married black man and a single white woman.

Talkin’ Dirty After Dark
Director: Topper Carew
Release date: June 21 (limited)
Story: A young man hopes a comedy club will be his stepping-stone to the top.

Boyz N the Hood
Director: John Singleton
Release date: July 12
Story: A sensation at Cannes, Boyz is Singleton’s look at a South Central Los Angeles neighborhood.

Living Large!
Director: Michael Schultz (Car Wash, Krush Groove)
Release date: Aug. 14
Story: A satire about a ghetto teen who loses his soul when he becomes an overnight sensation as a TV news reporter.

True Identity
Director: Charles Lane (Sidewalk Stories)
Release date: Aug. 23
Story: A missing Mafia kingpin reveals his identity to a fellow passenger just before a plane crash — but the plane doesn’t go down, and the seatmates now have a problem.

Director: Ernest Dickerson (Spike Lee’s cinematographer)
Release date: September or October
Story: A Harlem teen with ambitions to become a disc jockey has to deal with his crime-prone best friend.

Go Natalie
Director: Kevin Hooks
Release date: September or October
Story: A buppie gets advice from a streetwise mail clerk at work on how to woo Natalie, a cool downtown character.

House Party 2
Directors: George Jackson and Doug McHenry (producers of New Jack City)
Release date: Nov. 1
Story: A sequel to House Party, HP2 looks at black college life at a predominantly white university.

Boyz N the Hood

  • Movie
  • R
  • 107 minutes
  • John Singleton