TV cliff-hangers 1991: Questions, questions, questions; grumble, grumble, grumble. Murphy Brown pregnant? Who’s the father? Who cares, since neither of the possible candidates on the May 20 show — Murphy’s ex-husband (Robin Thomas) and her out-of-town lover (Jay Thomas) — was a character we were interested in this past season.

And how ’bout that L.A. Law season-ender: Grace (Susan Dey) and Victor (Jimmy Smits) tie the knot! Congratulations, hope they can get away for a honeymoon, but, um, who cares? How will the writers portray newlywed life next season when Smits is going to be, at best, only a semi-regular?

In some ways, the May 12 In Living Color cliff-hanger was the season’s most intriguing. One of the ”Men on…” critics, Blaine (Damon Wayans), was hit by a falling sandbag; when he came to, his stereotypically gay mannerisms were replaced with stereotypically macho mannerisms — including disgust and hostility toward his twittering partner Antoine (David Alan Grier). Is the show finally going to address long-standing criticisms of this sketch’s portrayal of gay men? At last, a cliff-hanger question with some real suspense.