Latin videos -- Fans may want to check out titles from Gloria Estefan and Sonotone to understand Latin pop

Gloria Estefan hasn’t quite deserted her original audience — her new long-form video features scene-of a recording session for a Spanish-language version of ”Coming Out of the Dark” — but her fans want to look to two earlier videos for a taste of the ”old” Estefan. Homecoming Concert, a live show taped in Miami in 1988, and the 1990 music-video compilation Evolution offer early salsa-inflected selections as well as more Top 40-oriented hits.

For those who want to get deeper into Latin pop, two Miami record companies put out tapes of the bigger stars of the scene. Sonotone has videos featuring Banda Blanca, a group whose smash hit ”Sopa de Caracol” kicked off the current Punta dance craze, and Dominican merengue master Wilfrido Vargas. Musical Productions offers tapes of such merengue stars as Milly, Jocelyn y Los Vecinos, and such hunky salsa heartthrobs as Willie Gonzalez, Pedro Arroyo, and Nino Segarra. Look for the tapes at Latin-music specialty stores.