The L.A. Musical History Tour

Art Fein, pop-music historian and cable-TV talk show host (Li’l Art’s Poker Party), offers photos and anecdotes about Los Angeles’ notable musical landmarks in The L.A. Musical History Tour. Do you know the location of the ”Dead Man’s Curve” immortalized in Jan and Dean’s 1964 song? (It’s on Sunset Boulevard across from the UCLA football field.) Did you know that the light atop the Capitol Records office building (itself designed to resemble a stack of 45-rpm singles) blinks H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D in Morse code? Fein knows all this and a lot more. His book succeeds as a tour guide, as pop history, as humor, as a labor of love. Could have used some rap- music representation, though. A-

The L.A. Musical History Tour
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