Friday Night Videos

Friday Night Video series is now in its eighth year, and if you’re surprised that this nothing-special rock-video anthology is still on at all — well, that’s why NBC has recently tried to liven things up by putting the show’s announcer, Frankie Crocker, on camera and adding a new host, Tom Kenny.

Kenny is a hyper beanpole who looks like a cross between Buddy Holly and Jodie Foster; he babbles nonstop — sensing, perhaps, that right around the corner is a jittery Deee-Lite or C+C Music Factory vid that will make him look square. Kenny tries hard, but his chatter about what a ”minefield of fun” Friday Night Videos is has the hollow ring of desperation.

Far cooler is Crocker, the legendary New York disc jockey who conducts celebrity interviews for the show. Crocker is as relaxed and confident as Kenny is tense and panicked, and when they talk to each other in the opening moments of the show, neither seems to understand where the other guy is coming from. The result isn’t very entertaining: two uncomfortable fellows introducing videos you’ve probably seen a thousand times already. C-

Friday Night Videos
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