Bazerk Bazerk Bazerk

”Change the Style,” Son of Bazerk’s first single, sums up the Long Island group’s manic approach to hip-hop. Like crazed couch potatoes furiously grazing through 50 cable channels, Son of Bazerk doesn’t sit still for too long with a musical style: They’ll leap from funky beats to reggae to soul to hardcore punk in just over three minutes. Produced by the Bomb Squad, the rap geniuses behind Public Enemy’s swirling sound, Son of Bazerk’s album Bazerk Bazerk Bazerk is crazy, crazy, crazy with snare drums, string basses, and a myriad of voices lunging from around corners to startle you; there are even guitar solos thrown in for good measure. On top of this madness, the frontman, also known as Son of Bazerk, alternately raps slowly and quickly, sometimes in a singsong voice, sometimes with the thrust of a locomotive. What he actually says about his own rhyming skills or about violence in the community is almost irrelevant; the sonic adrenalin rush is enough to keep your head spinning. A

Bazerk Bazerk Bazerk
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