While gang violence escalates on our city streets, Hollywood continues to treat it as escapist entertainment in the form of exploitation quickies that briefly play in theaters on their way to video. This new release do little to lift the genre out of the gutter.

Set in Los Angeles, Wilding follows the antisocial activities of a gang of alienated middle-class teens. They rape, they murder, they fight to defend their turf. As it happens, almost none of this comes during the act of ”wilding” — in which packs of youths run rampant, attacking anyone in their path. But why let a little technicality ruin a good title? Shabbily scripted and amateurishly directed and acted, the movie is a pointless exercise in murkily motivated violence. To legitimize the anarchy, writer-director Eric Louzil pays lip service to underlying sociological issues. But the message is so crudely delivered that it only prolongs an unpleasant experience. F

  • Movie
  • 92 minutes