Street Soldiers

While gang violence escalates on our city streets, Hollywood continues to treat it as escapist entertainment in the form of exploitation quickies that briefly play in theaters on their way to video. A new release do little to lift the genre out of the gutter.

Street Soldiers is about some high school jocks who team up to take back their neighborhood from a vicious street gang. Outnumbered and outmuscled, the good kids enlist the aid of the local karate master (Jun Chong), who joins them just in time to take on the bad gang’s kung fu enforcer (Jason Hwang). This is as much a martial-arts movie as a street-punk skirmish, and that may be its saving grace. Waging gang warfare comic-book style, Street Soldiers is no less inane than Wilding, though it’s a lot more entertaining. C-

Street Soldiers
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