Make Time for Love

Currently, the chief pretender to Luther Vandross’ Swoon King throne is Keith Washington, who, like Vandross, got his start as a backup singer, aiding acts ranging from the Jacksons to Funkadelic. But on Make Time for Love (Qwest/ Warner Bros.; ), Washington seems like a cross between Barry White and Billy Dee Williams-a heavy-lidded lothario who fills his debut with drippy strings, sludgy tempos, and macho attitude instead of honest emotion. Although he lacks Vandross’ sense of playfulness, Washington’s buppie worldview is sometimes inadvertently funny. In the midst of the sighing, moaning ”Make Time for Love,” for example, the singer murmurs, ”Lately I’ve been working overtime/So when it comes to money we’ll be all right/I make more than enough, let’s make time for love.” You half expect his partner to reply, ”Sure, Keith, pull out your Filofax and I’ll see if I can fit you in.” Washington has a big hit single right now with ”Kissing You,” but trust me, Luther: You don’t have to lose sleep over this guy. D+

Make Time for Love
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