Funke, Funke Wisdom

A widely respected ”old school artist” (meaning one of the founding fathers of rap), this New York-based veteran has been rhyming in the public eye longer than any other working rapper today, after debuting with the legendary Treacherous Three back in 1981. With his fourth solo record, Kool Moe Dee is attempting to return to the platinum status of his second, How Ya Like Me Now, after his third, 1989’s Knowledge Is King, didn’t sell quite as well. Funke, Funke Wisdom should do the trick. Kool Moe Dee has enlisted the services of Teddy Riley, probably the hottest producer in the entire universe of pop music, who infuses the record with the smooth, bass-laden sway of new jack swing, a very radio-friendly groove. In a voice that thunders with authority, his lyrics flow smoothly and rapidly like a river with places to go in a hurry. Although the album loses a little steam around the halfway point, you can’t doubt the energy behind his incitements to better yourself through wisdom-while saving plenty of time to party. B+

Funke, Funke Wisdom
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