''Sisters''' steam-room scene -- The dialogue from the scene that was cut due to a discussion of multiple orgasms

Wondering what got NBC’s new prime-time drama Sisters into so much hot water with the network programmers? The show’s May 11 premier episode was supposed to open with a steam-room scene in which three siblings discussed multiple orgasms. But NBC, citing advertiser concerns, snipped the dialogue from the final cut. Herewith, the steamy girl talk viewers never heard:

Frankie (Julianne Phillips): Georgie, you look great.

Georgie (Patricia Kalember): For my age.

Alex (Swoosie Kurtz): Your age! Try feeling like a teen queen when your daughter comes home from school and asks you if you’ve ever had a multiple orgasm.

Frankie: What did you tell her?

Alex: To go to her room. She’s 14!

Georgie: I think it’s great she can be so open with you.

Alex: Oh really? It’s easy for you to say. You have boys. They’ll never ask you anything.

Frankie: So? Have you?

Alex: Have I what?

Frankie: You know — ever had a…

Alex: That’s a little personal! Even for sisters. (pause) I had five once. New Year’s Eve, 1981.

Georgie: What a memory!

Alex: What a New Year’s.

Georgie: I had three once. I think.

Alex: Teddy told me she once had 25. But we all know how she lies. So, Frankie, how many have you had?

Frankie: Gee, I didn’t realize it was getting so late! I’ve got to get to the office! (She leaves.)

Alex: Hey! That’s not fair! We told you!

Woman (off camera): Eleven.

Another (off camera): Nineteen.

Another: Seven.

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