Quik Is the Name

You may think you’ve heard it all before from streetwise L.A. rappers: the gangs, the drinking, the neighborhood (Compton, where so-called ”gangsta” rappers N.W.A. and Ice Cube make their homes). But 20-year-old DJ Quik is rap’s Everyhomeboy, the fella who spends his time just drinking and chillin’ with his crew rather than battling cops or rivals. The secrets of this debut’s success — it has sold over half a million copies — are its unashamed, down-to-earth warmth and its full, thumpin’ beats, which sound better in your car than at home. Through it all, DJ Quik, who wrote, arranged, and produced Is the Name, raps to us as if we were his best friends, hearing him talk about his weekend on Monday morning during first period at school. B+

Quik Is the Name
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