O.G. Original Gangster

On Ice-T’s fourth album, O.G. — his first since his acting breakthrough as a cop in New Jack City — we find him more defiant, angry, and clever than ever. He uses virtually all 24 tracks on the album to delve into the ugliness that lurks behind headlines on urban blight. Ice-T pushes his rage into our faces and never breaks a sweat. But we do, as he confronts us with the tears of an abused child, the remorseless trigger finger of an urban gangster, and the willingness of the larger society to ignore it all. Where Ice-T’s backing music has previously been flat, here it swings, twists, and surprises — keeping pace for the first time with the incisiveness and challenge of his lyrics. Ice-T has something to teach anyone concerned about the rotting core of America’s biggest cities. A

O.G. Original Gangster
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