In a dry, radio-announcer tone, LaTour (appropriately, a former producer of commercials) declares over a soundscape of racy rhythms, tinges of electronic melody, and hard-hitting beats that ”People Are Still Having Sex.” This hit song, about the AIDS generation’s irrepressible lustfulness, has been causing controversy, mostly because it contained the word AIDS until radio censors had their way. Still, there is nothing terribly radical or even that au courant about LaTour, an album of techno-dance tracks that all sound alike. Machine-driven beats blend together blandly, and LaTour’s factual narratives and occasional bursts into song offer little variation in texture. If you really want to hear how eerie, odd, and amusing electronic dance music can be, you’re better off with techno-pop from the late ’70s and early ’80s — Kraftwerk and Yello — released at a time when people were doing more than just contemplating sex. B-

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