The 15 hottest topics the week of May 24, 1991

1. Sisters
They said it couldn’t be done, but NBC has made sex boring and predictable.

2. Basic Instinct Protest
As a rule, I’m against serial killers, straight or gay.

3. Nba Play-Offs
I was kind of disappointed. I thought they said NRA play-offs.

4 . William Kennedy Smith
Who says he hasn’t been treated like other suspects in violent crimes? He’s back on the street, isn’t he?

5. Executive Salary Increases
They deserve it. You think it’s easy to fire people in the middle of a recession?

6. Queen Elizabeth’s Visit
Now she owes us a dinner.

7. Keith Carradine
Playing the world’s first ”good ‘ol boy,” Will Rogers, on Broadway. The antidote to Miss Saigon.

8. The Spartacus Restoration
Thirty minutes of movie crammed into three and a half hours.

9 . Deborah Norville
Taking over Sally Jessy Raphael’s radio show? ABC must have a freeze on hiring professionals.

10 . Bob Woodward
The world’s fastest investigative reporter. His new book, The President’s Heart, comes out Tuesday.

11. Hudson Hawk
Bruce Willis directed by sick humorist Michael Lehmann. Kind of like The Pink Panther meets Eraserhead.

12. Rabid Raccoons
Geez, and just when you thought it was safe to be bitten by a disease-carrying scavenger again.

13. Michael Landon
A lesson in grace under pressure. Everyone hopes he’ll get renewed for many more seasons. .

14. Third World Disasters
Tornadoes, wars, typhoons, floods, fire, and famine. But first, a word from our sponsors.

15. Killer Popcorn
You ate some? Take two Tylenol capsules and call me in the morning. .