Steven Seagal's body count -- We look at how many people the actor has beat up in his films

Steven Seagal’s latest punch-’em-up is hanging tough at the box office, with grosses of close to $30 million in its first month. But what about his on- screen wallop? By our body count, Seagal shows mercy in Out for Justice. Beatings are way up, but deaths are near the record low of 10 set in his first feature, Above the Law.

Above the Law (1988)
Beatings: 16
Killings: 10

Hard to Kill (1990)
Beatings: 13
Killings: 16

Marked For Death (1990)
Beatings: 12
Killings: 15

Out For Justice (1991)
Beatings: 20
Killings: 12