A Seduction in Travis County

In A Seduction in Travis County, Peter Coyote (E.T., Cross Creek) stars as a small-town Missouri lawyer who defends Lesley Ann Warren (Victor/Victoria) when she’s accused of murdering her husband. After she’s acquitted, Warren’s character starts flirting with the lawyer, who tries to convince her he’s a happily married man; his wife is played by Designing Women‘s Jean Smart. Next thing you know, Smart has been murdered and Coyote has been framed — Warren exacts her revenge for being spurned. Will Coyote be able to beat the rap?

Most of the time, the plodding, obvious A Seduction in Travis County is Fatal Attraction crossed with Matlock. Coyote overdoes the foxy folksiness; when he says ”Gran’ Jury gon? fahn mah clahnt inn’cent!” he sounds like Andy Griffith on novocaine.

As for Warren, she is required to slink around in miniskirts and short-shorts, driving all the guys in town crazy while making goo goo eyes at Coyote. The role would be an embarrassment were Warren not skillful enough to communicate some of this woman?s pathetic desperation through her darting eyes and murmured line readings. C-

A Seduction in Travis County
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