Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't on Kitty Kelley, Paula Abdul, and Karen Carpenter

Mail from our readers

  • Bad Kitty
  • About your cover story on Kitty Kelley (April 26): The reputation rapist strikes again! Who is next on the Kitty ”Litter” list? The Pope? Kelley’s Nancy Reagan bio is not only poorly written and documented, it’s boring. This book is nothing more than the fabrications of a jealous, bitter woman who profits from the pain and public humiliation she inflicts.
  • Foster Jack
  • Weatogue, Conn.

So, as you reported, George Carpozi Jr. is ”putting the final barbs into Poison Pen, his unauthorized biography of Kitty Kelley.” With all due respect to Kelley, who (aside from Jackie Onassis, Liz, Frank, and Nancy) cares?
Richard M. Morse
New York City

Horror Shows
Your story on ”Unshushable” movie audiences struck a nerve. On vacation in L.A., a friend and I decided to take in a movie. What we encountered was moviegoers from hell. Inconsiderate, uncontrollable, and turbulent, these people would not shut up. Constant clamor from patrons must be taken seriously by theater owners. It certainly cheapens the cinematic experience. It has for me. The movies I see now cost a mere $1.99 at my video store.
Peter Ciamboli
Roseland, N.J.

A big thumbs-up for the ”shush patrol” you described, which polices a Washington, D.C., movie theater. Perhaps more theater owners can supply this service. I’d also like to suggest an annual award for the most annoying interruptions of a movie. Here’s my nominee: the teenage girls who chattered through Born on the Fourth of July when I saw it. They became silent briefly at the prospect of seeing Tom Cruise (nude) and were rapt during the hospital scenes in which his privates were briefly visible. But they went right back to their nattering as soon as Cruise covered up.
Dan Weckerly
Jeffersonville, Pa.

Forever a Fan
Thanks for not writing an item in obvious support of Yvette Marine, the backup vocalist for Paula Abdul who is suing Abdul. Does Marine think we’re deaf? Paula has a very distinctive voice whether she’s singing or talking, and it’s plain that the lead vocals in question are Abdul’s. It’s time to bring the plane in, Yvette…your ego trip is over.
Loren Manning
Carmen, Idaho

Critical Masses
When Karen Carpenter was alive, most critics went after her with a vengeance. They totally ignored her talent as a singer and described her as plastic, wooden, and emotionless. Now your Owen Gleiberman ooohs and aaahs over a 43-minute movie with Barbie dolls telling Karen’s story. This movie is supposed to be a supreme tribute to Karen and the music she created? To me, and other Carpenters fans, this movie seems more like a slap in the face to her memory.
Brian Mickelson

Yo, Owen. C’mon, bud, Steven Seagal’s Out for Justice deserved better than a D-. This movie wasn’t made in the hope that it would be hanging around come Oscar time, but it’s perfect for average Joes like me who like to kick back, relax, and watch a kick-butt action movie.
Victor Roy Jr.
Red Lake, Minn.