Creatures of Habit

For a decade now, Billy Squier has been concocting seamless sexy mixtures of striptease funk, choirboy pop, and Led Zeppelin-style druid blues. Ever since 1982’s Emotions in Motion, though, Squier’s output has proved increasingly anonymous, despite an occasional catchy tune like 1986’s ”Shot o’ Love.” So the liveliness and versatility of Creatures of Habit is encouraging. ”Young at Heart” and ”Hands of Seduction” include short rap-rhymed soliloquies, ”(L-O-V-E) Four Letter Word” opens with a primal glitter-rock tom-tom chant, and ”Hollywood” is a danceable enough update of ’60s garage rock. True, the beat turns mushy whenever Billy tries to get serious, and he’s been getting serious way too often lately. Still, his crew of arena pros hasn’t forgotten how to build up a humongous sound. B+

Creatures of Habit
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