Three Men and a Little Lady

Watching this limp sequel, Three Man and a Little Lady, to the 1989 comedy hit Three Men and a Baby brings to mind Bob Goldthwaite’s joke about why he’d agreed to appear in Police Academy 6: ”Because,” he deadpanned, ”there were so many questions left dangling from Police Academy 5.” In that tongue-in-cheek spirit, you might possibly enjoy director Emile Ardolino’s follow-up; otherwise, it should strike you as somewhere between superfluous and insufferably cute. The dangling questions resolved here include: Will the baby of the first film (now a preternaturally mature 5-year-old) get a proper nuclear family? Will any of the titular men finally chuck their swinging bachelor status? Will the three principals ever stop mugging to the camera and resemble plausible three-dimensional human beings? (At the risk of premature disclosure, the answers are yes, yes, and apparently not.) Unfortunately, none of this is particularly funny or involving. Instead, try the original — or better still, the original original, the 1985 French film Three Men and a Cradle — both of which at least had the virtue of freshness. C

Three Men and a Little Lady
  • Movie
  • 104 minutes