Flyin' the Flannel

In its own way, this is as strange a record as has been released by any major label in quite a long time. Flyin’ the Flannel, the fourth album by fIREHOSE (yes, fIREHOSE) has all the weirdness found on the group’s earlier small-label efforts: nearly nonexistent song stucture, off-key singing, and inconsistent rhythms. On a conceptual level, this music almost seems more like jazz than rock & roll. It doesn’t sound like jazz, but how else to explain the stops and starts, the jarring noise, the occasional bit of striking lyricism, the where’re-we-goin’-now adventurism? All of this is more fun on paper than in execution; there are only a couple of melodies on this 16-track record, and what the songs are actually about remains a mystery. fIREHOSE is about what fIREHOSE does, which is to let its three members follow their muse. Where they end up is pretty strange territory. B-

Flyin' the Flannel
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